We were in a tough spot with our home’s electrical system: half our house was in darkness for a couple of months. An initial inspection by another contractor found many of our circuits dangerously overloaded. Until we found Prostar, we existed with battery powered lights and a trouble light on an extension cord. Prostar were willing to work without money up front – unlike our original electrician, who would have required 50% payment up front.

Once Prostar started work, they adjusted to our schedule and also moved furniture the day of work in a given area that day. This made day to day living during the work much easier. Prostar installed any light fixtures we purchased as replacement for old fixtures. Most importantly, they clearly explained the rewire, and ensured our electrical system was safe. The guys even tolerated intrusions from our nosey greyhound. Prostar turned our major stress into maximum reassurance,and made our home more pleasant and liveable.
Thank you,

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