In the spring of 2022 we purchased a rural property in NB and for safety reasons wanted a standby generator. Friends recommended Prostar so we asked them for a quote, we asked multiple sources for a quote. Despite having to come a fair distance, Scott was happy to come out and give us a quote. The cost was reasonable and Scott and his crew would look after absolutely EVERYTHING. Other quotes had come in cheaper but required a great deal of logistics to be looked after by us, the home owners. Prostar arranged for propane to be set up and delivered to our home, they dealt with NB Power on our behalf we were pleased. Our Kohler generator arrived with Prostar’s crew and they were a very pleasant bunch, installation went smooth and we were set. Due to a manufacturing defect, our generator quit working 3 days before Christmas. One call, one call is all it took for the crew to sweep in the very next day to replace the defective unit with a brand new model. They worked in the cold and the snow with a big smile on their face, the only thing missing was their capes. We could not believe the level professionalism they displayed, to make this happen within 24 hrs, of the generator malfunctioning, in freezing temperatures, a long way from home was more than we had expected. Recommend 10/10!

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